1. T & C Life Insurance Company (2020)

Address: 760 Acropolis Way , Suite 304, Frederick, MD , US, 21703
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Name:   Bios

Description:   Bios

Name:   Trey Stokes

Title:   CEO

Description:   Trey Stokes is a US Army Active Duty Soldier with 20 Years of service. A Licensed Insurance Agent in 10 States and an expert in Life Insurance and Financial Advisement. Trey Stokes has earned two Master Degrees from the University of Maryland and is ready to apply that expertise into helping to protect you and your family.

Education:   MBA,MHA

Services:   Family Protection Advisement


Name:   Cenisha Glass

Title:   Chief Operations Officer

Description:   Cenisha Glass is an Active Duty Soldier with 13 Years of Military Service. A Licensed Insurance Agent and a trained expert in Life Insurance and Annuities, Cenisha will apply all the discipline, Knowledge and education learned in the Military toward protecting you and your family.

Services:   Family Protection


Name:   Products and Services

Description:   Products and Services

Name:   Life Insurance

RANGE   25.00


Name:   Debt Relief



Name:   Financial Advising



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