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Name:   Jody Johnson

Title:   Owner, CEO, Master Coach, Certified as Business Coach, Gazelles Coach, Engage & Grow Facilitator

Description:   A native Miamian, Jody is passionate about helping the owners of small to medium sized Miami businesses grow their business. As Jody says, caring is what she does best! Jody has been coaching business owners to massive results since 2006 with ActionCOACH. Caring is what I do best. I care about people. I care about communities. And, I care about what healthy business can provide for both of those. From the time I was a little girl I have watched my parents be civic and social activists in our community. Although they retired to a small community in Colorado, to this day in their late seventies they are still engaged in activism in their respective areas of interest. I believe their role modeling has shaped the direction of my life and led me from being the bossy older sister to my younger brothers and sisters (we are six) taking food and clothing to the migrant farmers as a child, to soup kitchens, marching against the Vietnam War and volunteering at a large teaching hospital near our home in Miami Beach all before the age of sixteen. Today I see our business coaching business as a vehicle for assisting the business community to run better businesses, create more jobs, get their own needs met and take good care of their team. Once they accomplish this and have their needs met the next most natural thing for human beings is to be of service. This natural inclination creates an avenue to resolving our current civic and social concerns. I’ve been blessed in so many ways, from extraordinary parents, awesome brothers and sisters, a son whom I adore, a husband who “gets me” and is right at my side, to amazing friends and a business community second to none. Some of the things I love are reading, anything related to spirituality, business, history, physics and metaphysics and biographies. Entertaining, dancing, music, great food and wine, dinners with family and friends and boating especially sailing our 27ft H Boat, massages, candlelight baths and long walks these are a few of my favorite things. Above all else, I love assisting people and organizations to be their best selves. My life’s purpose is to use my God given strengths to think, to communicate and to inspire others to transform the lives of as many people as possible.

Name:   Douglas Barra

Title:   Owner, COO, Certified as Business Coach and Executive Coach

Description:   Following a path familiar to many Americans, Doug began his career in corporate America and eventually ventured out in pursuit of his dreams of opening a business. However, as Doug soon found out, success is not guaranteed. This failure help push Doug into ActionCOACH where he has been helping business owners since 2006. Although I was born in New Jersey (in a little town outside of Morristown called Denville, for those of you who know the area), my family moved to Florida when I was 10 years old. Considering myself a “transplant,” I call Florida my home. Originally settling in the west Ft. Lauderdale suburb of North Lauderdale, I then moved north, to Boca Raton, when I started college at Florida Atlantic University. Studying Engineering and dabbling in Programming, I decided that Engineering was not for me. I then went into Programming and spent the next 25 years living in Boca and working as a Software Engineer. In the early part of 2001, I found Landmark Education and discovered that I actually LOVED coaching and presenting! I met Jody in 2003 and we fell in love, had a storybook wedding in 2004 (with only 300 of our closest friends in attendance – ask me – or her – about the full story…), and then off on a romantic 4 week honeymoon in Europe (it was only supposed to be 3 weeks, but that’s another story in itself…), moved to Miami (Jody’s home town) in 2005 and started our ActionCOACH business in 2006. Since joining ActionCOACH, I have focused on working with the owners of small businesses to take their good businesses and make them great! Mostly, I work with Groups in our workshops and ActionCLUB programs, however, I also love to work 1 on 1 with clients that energize me and are committed to growing their business. My coaching style is more laid back than some and I will have you accomplish more than you think is possible for you! I love to spend time in nature, sailing, listening to music and eating great food (luckily Jody and I are awesome cooks!). I also love cars, smoking a good cigar, tinkering and watching Science Fiction (especially Star Trek – no I’m not a trekie, but close…)

Name:   Amanda Noboa

Title:   Business Coach, Certified as Business Coach

Description:   Having come from the world of managing software projects, Amanda helped to run her husband's successful medical practice before deciding to go into the field of personal coaching. Amanda joined the team at ActionCOACH because she felt she could make a bigger difference in the community if she combined her talents for project management, business management and personal growth by working with business owners to help them grow their business. An "empty nester," Amanda loves playing tennis, spending time with her new grand-baby and traveling to see her children. Amanda's key to success is to make sure that all the pieces are in place and working well together.

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