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Name:   Richard F. Arroyo

Title:   Juvenile & Adult Criminal Defense

Description:   Richard F. Arroyo has been defending California adults, juveniles and their families for over 35 years. He defends clients throughout San Diego County and offers free telephone and office consultations. He is a Spanish speaking attorney and handles each and every case personally from start to finish; a client is never handed off to an associate or paralegal. He personally answers all your questions. The Arroyo Law Center is not a high-volume law office. Mr. Arroyo emphasizes on a very personal attorney-client relationship with every client. Interviewing an attorney Facing an arrest and criminal charges traumatizes people. Nothing compounds the stress more than the inability to reach your attorney. Clients can call Mr. Arroyo’s personal cell phone 24/7 for advice and for help to get someone out of jail. Weekend and night time appointments are always available. Mr. Arroyo has extensive experience defending juveniles (under 18 at the time of the offense) adults (18 or older at the time of the offense) accused of committing crimes. He has also defended hundreds of parents accused of abusing their children. He is a Court Certified Dependency (child abuse) Attorney. He is the San Diego County criminal defense referral attorney for Legal Shield, the premier legal services insurance company in the country. Adult and juvenile cases require an attorney who knows the difference between the juvenile justice and adult criminal justice systems. Juveniles are treated differently than adults and your child’s future depends on an experienced juvenile defense attorney. Mr. Arroyo uses all the community resources and contacts he has developed over 35 years to help both adults and juveniles so they do not become lifelong criminals. The sooner Mr. Arroyo is consulted the better he can advise and help you, your child or family. Sometimes it is possible to stop criminal charges from ever being filed. Many times, if contacted immediately after an arrest, Mr. Arroyo can contact the D.A. who is evaluating the case to decide if criminal charges should be filed. Mr. Arroyo can meet with the D.A. and present your side of the story, present witness statements so the D.A. has the whole picture and not just the side of the victim and police. When prosecutors know the whole picture often lesser charges are filed, a misdemeanor rather than a felony, and sometimes no criminal charges are filed at all. The D.A. rejects the case for prosecution. Juveniles taken to juvenile hall have no right to bail out. Call Mr. Arroyo immediately to help you prepare for the detention hearing that must be held within 48 hours. Juveniles can be tried as adults in criminal court if they are age 14 or older and have committed a serious or violent crime. Mr. Arroyo has extensive experience fighting for juveniles to stay in juvenile court where they can be rehabilitated and not punished. Juveniles are also subject to California’s Three Strikes Law, which can send an offender to prison for 25 years to life after the third strike. A former juvenile court prosecutor and current juvenile judge said that Mr. Arroyo is one of the most professional, capable and caring attorneys in the juvenile law community. Another current juvenile judge said, “Mr. Arroyo is a seasoned veteran in the area of juvenile delinquency. He is prepared and professional. He is a pleasure to have in my courtroom.”

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