Name:   Our Attorneys

Description:   Bios

Section Name:   Our Attorneys

Name:   William V. Hughes

Title:   Attorney at Law – Partner

Description:   Areas of Practice Business Organization, Planning and Transactions Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Law Banking and Creditors Rights Education and Government

Name:   Mark A. Ervin

Title:   Attorney at Law - Partner

Description:   Areas of Practice Estate Planning and Administration Business Organization, Planning and Transactions Education and Governmental Law Administrative Law Business Litigation

Name:   Sara E. Shade

Title:   Attorney at Law - Partner

Description:   Areas of Practice Elder Law Estate Planning and Administration

Name:   Benjamin J. Freeman

Title:   Attorney at Law – Partner

Description:   Areas of Practice Business and Banking Family Law Estate Planning Real Estate Civil Litigation Creditor’s Rights

Name:   Danyel N. Struble

Title:   Attorney at Law – Associate

Description:   Areas of Practice Litigation Personal Injury Family Law Estate Planning Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death

Name:   Stephanie L. Hoover

Title:   Attorney at Law – Associate

Description:   Areas of Practice Social Security Disability Family Law Landlord/ Tenant Estate Planning Estate Administration Estate Litigation Child Services/ Juvenile Proceedings

Name:   Charles V. Retherford

Title:   Attorney at Law – Of Counsel

Description:   Areas of Practice Estate Planning and Administration

Name:   Kimberly N. Miller

Title:   Paralegal

Description:   Areas of Practice Estate Planning and Administration

Name:   Areas of Practice

Description:   Products and Services

Section Name:   Business Law

Section Description:   Planning a business of any size involves several steps. One essential step is determining the proper legal structure. Here, many issues must be considered such as, what type of entity will best suit your needs, or what happens if a business associate dies, divorces, or wishes to quit the business. Tax, succession and liability issues also should be addressed when organizing a business. Beasley & Gilkison handles these details for many businesses, large and small, throughout the region.

Name:   Business Law


Section Name:   Estate Planning & Administration

Section Description:   You are never too young to begin planning your estate. In fact, you may experience feelings of freedom or relief by taking care of such affairs, even if there is not yet an urgent reason to do so. Since most of us think more clearly when we are not under pressure, advance planning presents many advantages and rewards for you and your beneficiaries.

Section Name:   Civil Litigation

Section Description:   Though it is often best to avoid courts, there are times when litigation is the only practical remedy for resolving disputes. If you are faced with a possible trial, you will benefit from being represented by an attorney who has significant trial experience. Our trial attorneys are aggressive, creative and understand the legal system. We practice before both federal and state courts.

Section Name:   Personal Injury

Section Description:   Our approach is to get actively involved in each personal injury case. When you have experienced an injury, we want to understand your needs and how the injury has affected you and your loved ones. If you or a member of your family is injured and someone else is at fault, we will make sure you get the best legal help available.

Section Name:   Family Law

Section Description:   Family Law covers the wide range of situations our clients often find themselves in. Our staff of lawyers and paralegals has extensive experience in many areas such as divorce, child custody, pre-nuptial and more.

Section Name:   Elder Law

Section Description:   Elder Law addresses the unique challenges and needs of senior citizens. Our staff of lawyers and paralegals has extensive experience in areas such as long term care insurance, wills, trusts, medicare & more.

Section Name:   Business & Finance

Section Description:   -Reviewing policies, contracts, deposit agreements, and other bank instruments -Preparing loan documents -Providing title and loan opinions -Representing banks in collections, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other litigation in both state and federal courts -Advising clients regarding employment and -compensation issues -Consulting on shareholder and governance issues -Providing continuing education in banking law and related fields

Section Name:   Education

Section Description:   We represent school corporations and their boards. Beasley & Gilkison has served as legal counsel for area school corporations for over 40 years. Some of the services we provide for these clients are: Advising, preparing, appearing, maintaining, counseling, review and more

Section Name:   Real Estate and Land Use

Section Description:   Our real estate attorneys provide a wide range of services for both individuals and businesses. Some areas covered are deed prep, estate closings, litigation, preparing loan docs and more.

Section Name:   Creditor's Rights

Section Description:   We represent individuals and businesses in a variety of financial transactions. We pay great attention to the details of every transaction, regardless of size; we make sure that our clients have a thorough understanding of each contractual agreement. When collection issues occur, we generally represent the creditor’s rights. We assist with all aspects of debt collection and settlement negotiations. We also represent creditors’ interests in bankruptcy proceedings.

Section Name:   Copyright, Trademark & Patent Law

Section Description:   Businesses, professors, authors, artists, and inventors alike benefit from effective counsel in the fields of copyright, trademark, trade secret, and patents. Different types of intellectual property (IP) are protected by different means. Our IP attorneys will provide counsel on when, and if, protection is needed, and, if so, what protection is appropriate for your work.

Section Name:   Landlord/Tenant

Section Description:   Landlord/Tenant law encompasses a wide range of issues, and we can help you deal with them whether you are a landlord or a tenant. Landlord/Tenant issues may include: -Lease Drafting and/or Review -Landlord Right of Entry and Privacy -Liability Issues -Responsibility for Repairs and Maintenance -Proper Use of Security Deposits -Eviction Notices -Eviction Proceedings -Housing, Health and Safety Code Issues

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