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Name:   Our Friendly Staff

Description:   Our Doctors

Section Name:   Staff Bios

Name:   Chris

Title:   President

Description:   A member of Phi Beta Kappa and the valedictorian of his class at Hunter College, Chris went on to work in the restaurant business before joining us in 1988. In short time, his interest in and knowledge of history and literature made him a natural to assume the responsibilities of store buyer and manager, positions he holds to this day. Chris abides by the following, “People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading”

Education:   Hunter College

Name:   Karen

Title:   Manager

Description:   A magna cum laude graduate from Boston College with a major in English, Karen continued her education at Columbia University where she received an MA in English and Comparative Literature. Before coming to Hungry Mind, Karen worked as a math teacher, a graduate research assistant, and an editorial intern. Karen joined our sales staff in 2004, and is now our manager and events coordinator for our frequent authors’ readings. “Of all my responsibilities in the bookstore, my favorite is organizing our readings for first-time authors. They bring such excitement and enthusiasm with them!”

Name:   Robert

Title:   Customer Service

Description:   When Robert joined us in 2004, he brought 12 years of experience with him having worked in such well–known independent bookstores at Kroch’s & Brentano’s, in Chicago, and Madison Avenue Bookshop, in New York, where he brought quality service to customers, including personal shopping, corporate gift selections, and out-of-print searches. “George Orwell once said, ‘Bookselling is a humane trade which is not capable of being vulgarized beyond a certain point,’ and I’m trying everyday to make the above stay true.”

Name:   Matt

Title:   Assistant Manager

Description:   Matt’s bookstore career started at the Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona. From there he went on to the Strand Bookstore, in New York, where he managed the accounts of long-standing customers, working with them to create libraries. In 2008 Matt joined our staff as assistant office manager as well as buyer for our gardening, cookbook, graphic novel, and travel sections. “Putting books in the hands of people who crave them and working for a unique company that is helping to keep independent literature alive is a passion of mine.”

Name:   Davi

Title:   Genre specialist

Description:   Davi came to Hungry Mind in 2008 with over seven years experience at four different independent bookstores including Bookcourt in Brooklyn, and Cover to Cover Booksellers in San Francisco, where he worked as a salesperson, wrote book reviews, and hosted book clubs. Davi is responsible for our child care and parenting books, mysteries, and belles lettres section, where you will find paperback editions of classics as well as current literature. “I can survive without books, I just can’t live without them.”

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Description:   University Gear

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Name:   Special Events

Description:   Book an Appointment

Name:   Free Seminars

Description:   Book an Appointment

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