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Address: 7459 E Byers Ave Denver, CO , US, 80230
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Name:   Bios

Description:   Bios

Name:   Rabbi Gadi Levy

Title:   Senior Mohel

Description:   Rabbi Gadi Levy is the owner and senior Mohel at My Home Circumcision. Rabbi G has been practicing newborn circumcision since 2008 and has performed over 1200 circumcisions. Rabbi G travels extensively across the Midwest for families wishing to have him do their son's circumcision. Rabbi Levy is a passionate teacher of Judaism, has a close personal relationship with God and meditates on a regular basis. Rabbi Levy is married to Eve Levy and together they have 6 children.

Education:   Gihat School of Circumcision, Jerusalem Israel

Certifications:   Rabbi and Teacher

Services:   Newborn Circumcision

Name:   Products and Services

Description:   Products and Services

Name:   Newborn Circumcision at Home


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