Name:   Bios

Description:   Bios

Name:   Evan Studley

Title:   Program Manager

Description:   As a Senior Geologist, Evan has a wide breadth of experience in developing and managing all facets of Construction Projects, including construction oversight, SWPPP development and monitoring, CEQA and NEPA permitting, conducting geological surveys, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, hydrogeological investigations, fish habitat conservation, stream restoration, biological surveys, and soil and groundwater remediation throughout California and Nevada. Evan has determined soil types and characteristics, investigated impacts to streams and waterways, and interpreted hydrogeological gradients. Evan has investigated unconfined groundwater seasonal variations and depth to soil/bedrock interface analysis based on groundwater monitoring well datum as well as field determination of groundwater depth and flow direction. Evan has extensive experience with Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste identification, and soil, groundwater, and air sampling. His field experience includes observations of release of hazardous materials through stressed vegetation, soil staining, leachate, waste material buildup, water discoloration, odor and sheen identification. Evan has performed stream restoration of California rivers utilizing natural materials to mimic naturally occurring conditions. Presently, Evan is the SWPPP Oversight Manager for the California High Speed Rail Construction Package 1 from Merced to Fresno, California.

Name:   Patrick Sauls, AICP

Title:   Project Manager

Description:   As an Environmental Project Manager, Patrick has a large breadth of experience in compensatory/environmental mitigation, conservation easements, environmental permitting, land use planning and analysis, habitat conservation plans, CEQA/NEPA, and real estate/development. Over the years Patrick has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from CEQA/NEPA development projects to Habitat Management Plans and Environmental Site Assessments. He has additionally been instrumental in the conservation of more than 13,000 acres in Southern California, and the relinquishment of 50,000+ acres of cattle grazing as mitigation for renewable energy projects in California.

Name:   Courtney Montgomery

Title:   Archaeologist

Description:   As an Archaeologist, Courtney has a wide range of experience on archaeological projects reaching all over the state of California. Courtney has worked alongside Archaeological professionals at California State University, Fresno surveying and monitoring sites ranging from the Sierra National Forest to several coastal regions of California. She worked with the Far Western Anthropological Research Group as a Field Technician utilizing GPS and Trimble to survey and record archaeological materials found on site. Working with the Grandad Archaeological Field School and the Archaeological Survey Field School at Fresno State, Courtney excavated archaeological units using proper excavation techniques while cataloging artifacts and features and maintaining field notes and records. Assisting in research, Courtney has extracted phytolith and starch grains from soil, bone, and ground stone samples. She also has experience assisting in forensic cases conducting examinations of human remains.

Name:   Danielle Gutierrez

Title:   Biologist

Description:   Danielle Gutierrez is a USFWS-approved General Biological Monitor for San Joaquin Kit Fox, California Tiger Salamander, and Tipton Kangaroo Rat and is CDFW-approved General Biological Monitor for Swainson’s Hawk and San Joaquin Kit Fox all within Construction Package 2-3 of the California High-Speed Rail Project. Ms. Gutierrez has a growing body of experience in conducting biological monitoring, wildlife species surveys, habitat assessments, Jurisdictional Delineations, and monitored the selection, placement, and effectiveness of Stormwater BMPs at an industrial facility in Fresno.

Name:   Products and Services

Description:   Products and Services

Name:   Environmental Monitoring


Name:   Habitat Assessment


Name:   Cultural Resource Survey


Name:   SPCC Plan


Name:   Stormwater Monitoring


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